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Abdul Ghameed Cassiem

Abdul Ghameed Cassiem is a Cape Town-based physiotherapist with a focus on sport and orthopaedic injuries. Moreover, he has a keen interest in orthopaedic treatment and rehabilitation, particularly injuries or dysfunctions of the lower limbs. Outside of work, he is an avid runner, passionate about fitness and the outdoors. Abdul Ghameed believes in holistic treatment and strives to get his patients back to their previous function. You can find out how Abdul Ghameed can help you, here.

Abdul Ghameed is a 2015 graduate from the University of the Western Cape. He completed his community service in 2016 in the Eastern Cape where he acquired experience in both in-patient acute hospital conditions, including out-patient neuromuscular and neurological conditions.

Working in the rural sector is where Abdul Ghameed found his passion for community work as he played a role in various outreach programs.

He ventured into an outpatient setting for two years, upskilling in various sport and orthopaedic injuries. Abdul Ghameed developed a keen interest in working with the layman athlete (weekend warrior), patient education and empowerment, injury prevention and management.

As a result, he found himself absorbed in the workings of orthopaedic treatment and rehabilitation, particularly injuries or dysfunctions of the lower limb, including hip, knee, ankle and feet.

Abdul Ghameed worked with sports teams providing on-field physiotherapy services in different sporting codes including football, rugby, and athletics. He treated athletes at various WPA running and athletic events in Cape Town, including sporting events such as The Bayhill Premier Cup, Tony Stoops Rugby Festival and the Junior Interprovincial Touch Rugby Tournament.

Currently, he treats various conditions in an acute hospital setting, as well as sports and orthopaedic injuries at Bounce Back Physiotherapy. Abdul Ghameed believes in a holistic treatment approach, improving his patients’ quality of life and restoring body functions to an optimal condition.

When he isn’t tending to patients, Abdul Ghameed is an avid runner. He values quality time with friends and family doing outdoor activities such as hiking or exploring the city. He is also a voracious reader who enjoys non-fiction and insightful podcasts.

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Why Physiotherapy?

People have this perception that you don’t have to fix what isn’t broken. But, I firmly believe there’s always room for improvement.

In 2011, I was hospitalised and underwent facial surgery which involved a bone graft of my fibula (lower leg bone). As a result, I required physiotherapy for my chest, mobility, and strength.

My surgery resulted in a leg dysfunction and weakness, but I was unable to undergo physiotherapy regularly post-surgery, due to financial constraints.

I was a club level footballer at the time of my injury, but as I lost my confidence and had not fully recovered, I resigned. Instead, I channelled all my energy into achieving top results at school for my university applications.

Although I went through a difficult time, I was intrigued by physiotherapy as it encompassed what I wanted to dedicate my life to - sports and uplifting people. As I intended to pursue a career in the medical field, I applied to study physiotherapy.

I initially thought it was sports-related and athletics, but I later realised how broad the field was and enjoyed the variety. For instance, during varsity we were taught a very hands-on approach. Now that I’m working in the field, I realise it’s more about education, which plays a much bigger role than hands-on techniques, which only helps initially.

With this knowledge and a firm belief in improving quality of life, I can assist my clients and push myself to new limits safely.

I find inspiration through my clients. When I see them becoming advocates for their own wellbeing - that drives me to keep going.

I am now an avid runner and play weekly social football as well. My mission is to help my clients to return to their previous function, particularly if they have any injuries.